Portable Cleaning & Optimization Tool

FCleaner Portable

FCleaner Portable does the same things as FCleaner, the all-in-one Windows disk and registry cleaning and optimization tool. The big difference between them is FCleaner Portable can be used in a portable way. You can carry it with you on a portable hard drive, USB flash disk or any other portable storage gadgets, and run it on any Windows PC without installation.

If you need the portable feature, FCleaner Portable is your choice.

How To Use FCleaner Portable

Download it at first, then extract it to any folder you like. In that folder, you can find a file named FCleaner.exe, double click it to run FCleaner Portable. To 'uninstall' FCleaner Portable, just delete this folder. That's all.

Download FCleaner Portable Clean And Optimize Your Windows Disk & Registry