Optimize Memory & Free Up RAM

Optimize Memory, Free Up RAM, Prevent System Crashes, Remove Memory Leaks

RAMRush is a free memory management and optimization tool. It can efficiently optimize memory usages of your Windows system, free up physical RAM and make your system work better. RAMRush uses an intelligent way to manage the physical memory and lets the RAM work in a better performance. It will help you to prevent system crashes, memory leaks and keep your computer running more efficiently.

RAMRush is easy and powerful to use for both beginners and experts. NO Experience Or Computer Skills Necessary!

RAMRush is a FREEWARE, you could download and use it free of charge. 100% CLEAN! No Spyware or Adware!

Download RAMRush

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RAMRush Screenshots

Before Optimize
Optimizing Memory
After Optimize
RAMRush Option
RAMRush Option
RAMRush In Tray

RAMRush Main Features

  • Increase system performance
  • Increase the amount of memory available
  • Defragment system physical memory
  • Recover memory from Windows applications
  • Remove memory leaks
  • Prevent system crashes caused by memory problems
  • Display the real-time usages data of CPU and RAM
  • Hotkey to do optimization
  • Click to do optimization
  • Quiet mode in Windows tray
  • AutoOptimize mode support
  • Command line mode support (eg: 'PATHOFRAMRUSH/RAMRush.exe -AutoOptimize')

Download RAMRush

A Quick Guide For RAMRush

Here is a quick guide for you to use RAMRush:
1. Download RAMRush and install it
2. Run it
3. When you move the mouse cursor to the tray icon area, you will see the RAMRush window like below
4. You could click 'Start Optimize', or double-click RAMRush tray iconRAMRush Icon, or press the hotkey 'Ctrl-Alt-O' to do optimize action now

RAMRush Guide

RAMRush System Requirements

Supported OS

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7


1MB disk space and 5MB to 8MB RAM, GDIPLUS.DLL for Win98/ME system

Download RAMRush

RAMRush Language Packs

RAMRush supports multi-language interface. You can download all available language packs here. Can't find the language you use? Welcome to translate the language file and send it to us.

Language Pack Update Date Author
English Latest RAMRush
Italiano2 May 23rd, 2020 Nico
Espanol3 Apr 14th, 2020 Eduardo Piña
Jawa Dec 19th, 2018 Abix Bostinx (instagram.com/em_ghuf)
Macedonian Feb 20th, 2018 Auroryus of ZokiTronix.mk
Slovenian Mar 15th, 2015 Andrej Poženel - Anderlli0053
فارسي Aug 1st, 2014 Amir
Srpski (Latin) Jan 9th, 2014 CwikYz
French Nov 24th, 2013 Michel M
ALbanian Jul 4th, 2013 AnXh3L0
Korean Oct 7th, 2012 Mint [http://blog.ruatic.net]
Espanol2 Apr 6th, 2012 Aleix Enguix
Indonesia Feb 22nd, 2012 Achmad - Cah Jetis™ <jetis33.blogspot.com - jetis33[at]gmail.com - Ponorogo Indonesia>
Mirandés Nov 20th, 2011 Pinxin
Indonesia Nov 10th, 2011 Yahya Aditama <aditamayahya,blogspot.com>
Magyar Oct 5th, 2011 Soós János
Slovenian Aug 16th, 2011 Jadran Rudec, iur.
Thailand Jul 17th, 2011 Rokaisakkon ( www.Ge-7.com )
Malay Apr 10th, 2011 Fauzi PPD Segamat, Johor, Malaysia
Dansk Dec 26th, 2010 Jens Chr. Laursen ( http://webdesignstudio.dk )
Norsk Dec 24th, 2010 Kurt-Håkon Eilertsen
Português do Brasil Sep 2nd, 2010 Allan Slarsen
Nederlands2 Aug 13th, 2010 Ben Verstraete
Romana Jul 16th, 2010 EroticaXP (www.eroticaxp.iblogger.org)
한국어 Jul 1st, 2010 iComa [http://mayu.wo.tc]
Norsk Jun 7th, 2010 OisteinR
Bulgarian Apr 10th, 2010 RAMRush
Tieng Viet Mar 16th, 2010 Lee (lee05[at]ymail.com)
Persian Feb 28th, 2010 Hamidreza Nikkhoo
Ελληνικά Jan 30th, 2010 Stelios Miliaressis
Tiếng Việt Jan 30th, 2010 Thanh Tài Lab - formerly Vietnam Computer Solution, Inc.
Português Jan 4th, 2010 António Luis Ferreira
繁體中文 Dec 5th, 2009 青青子衿 ( Ching She )
Spanish Nov 29th, 2009 Aronius
عربي Nov 16th, 2009 عبد المجيد العطيوي
Hebrew Nov 13th, 2009 peterg ( http://peterg.coi.co.il )
Українська Nov 1st, 2009 Warrior
Slovak Oct 23rd, 2009 Lumir
Svenska Oct 15th, 2009 RAMRush
Indonesia Oct 6th, 2009 Rida R <ridarahman[at]in.com>
Polish 2 Sep 22nd, 2009 Marco www.mpg13.ocom.pl
Czech Sep 20th, 2009 Damned
Deutsch Sep 18th, 2009 ~Vera~
Русский Sep 18th, 2009 Red Fox
Turkish Sep 18th, 2009 Erhan BURHAN
简体中文 Sep 18th, 2009 Synake(synake.blogbus.com)
日本語 Sep 17th, 2009 (´・ω・)
Brazilian Portuguese Aug 26th, 2009 Daniel Lima FacSenac-DF
Simplified Chinese Aug 24th, 2009 三只 ( Lanie )
Italiano Aug 23rd, 2009 Riton
Dutch Aug 20th, 2009 Startlinken (www.startlinken.nl)
Nederlands Aug 20th, 2009 Bernart Geerts
Espanol Aug 20th, 2009 Sergi Peña
Francais Aug 20th, 2009 Bernard Bracam
Polish Aug 19th, 2009 Andy
Catalan Aug 19th, 2009 Sergi Peña